Is Your Lawn Littered With Limbs?

Turn to the premier storm clean up crew serving Kirkland, Seattle, Washington and surrounding areas

Thanks to the latest storm, your yard is now a mess. You don't need to rent equipment to cut and haul that fallen tree or gather those scattered branches. Trust Fire Sparrow Landscaping to provide safe storm cleanup services in the Kirkland, Seattle, Washington area.

Our team can do everything from restoring damaged trees to collecting fallen leaves. Arrange for storm cleanup work by calling 206-743-9174 ASAP.

Save your landscape by scheduling tree service

Save your landscape by scheduling tree service

Has a recent storm left your trees in shambles? You need a reliable tree service to help get your landscape back to normal. Count on Fire Sparrow Landscaping to take care of:

  • Broken limbs: Snapped branches can make your beautiful trees look ugly and uncared-for.
  • Partially uprooted trees: Some leaning trees can be restored, while others have to be removed.
  • Cracked trunks: Heavy winds can cause your trees to split down the center or across the trunk.

Schedule a tree service appointment in the Kirkland, WA area today.