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Would you like a landscape that looks beautiful in every season? How about a garden that reflects your tastes? The average lawn service can't provide that, but a landscape designer from Fire Sparrow Landscaping can. For personal design services and an on-site consultation, you need the area's top landscaping team.

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Our Landscape Design Process

Our Landscape Design Process

In our first meeting, we strive to understand our customers' concerns and needs, allowing us to get an overall sense of what they need and hope to have accomplished when we are through. We highly recommend to have a sketch or drawn design completed before construction begins. a professional design is well worth the money in its ability to direct the installation and allow both parties (contractor and owner(s) to be on the same page). We can develop a basic set of sketches of the proposed landscape and then complete a master plan to work with.

Once a basic layout and scope of the landscape space can be seen by us and you, we pull numbers and material quantities from the design, add in material costs, labor and develop a bid or estimate for you with a time frame to complete the project. We charge for the design work and can design projects to fit any budget.

Our projects are small to large, from a day's labor and materials to a 6-month project or greater. Our company is a mix of price point awareness of the project's needs and quality based. We charge what's necessary for the job to be done within the financial and creative/functional needs of our clients.

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What to expect from a landscape designer

What to expect from a landscape designer

Anyone can plop a few plants in the ground. If you want a landscape your neighbors will envy, you need to work with a landscape designer.

Fire Sparrow Landscaping provides on-site consultations in the Kirkland, Washington area. A landscape designer will ask you a range of questions to understand your goals for your property. A few of the most important ones are:

  • Do you want a place for your kids to play?
  • Would you like to walk through your garden?
  • What kind of water features would you like?

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