Landscape Maintenance in Kirkville, Seattle, WA & Surrounding Areas

Learn About Our Bi-Yearly Maintenance Program

If you've invested your time and money into creating a custom landscape on your property, make sure to keep it maintained by a professional. Our team offers a variety of options for landscape maintenance in Kirkville, Seattle, WA and all surrounding areas. We focus on going through the landscape and removing obstructions by pruning back overgrown plants and balance pruning the shape of plants if they had been sheared and damaged through improper mechanical tool use. We pull weeds and cut back plants that had finished their cycle of growth by deadheading and removing unnecessary limbs and cleaning out old or dead tree wood.

We look at the health of the soil and if necessary test the PH, to allow for a calculation of what the soil needs to be healthy and balanced. Then, we add the necessary organic nutrients to the garden with thick mulch and extra plantings if necessary to balance out the look of the landscape's natural beauty. We also maintain planted selections in pots and have fantastic sources for a wide variety of pottery selections to spruce up your landscape's design options.

​Why choose us to maintain your landscape?

Fire Sparrow Landscaping focuses on the clients' use of the landscape first. We install quality materials and patterns that are pleasing to the senses. Our work improves the enjoyment and use of our clients' spaces and always takes into account the infrastructures which we can install to make our work last for years to come. We like to take into account the bigger picture of our work making the landscape maintainable and offering changes in the seasonal look of the trees and perennials. In short, we are attentive to the lasting quality we create for you.

Have a small project that requires only a few people or one that requires multiple teams to complete it? Just call to set up an appointment and we'll give you a well rounded and supportive bid to get your project underway and completed. Give us a call at 206-743-9174 today for an estimate on landscape maintenance services in Kirkville, Seattle, WA or surrounding communities.